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The Billionaire's Crush

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Audiobook narrated by Liz Krane, delivered by Bookfunnel.

He purchased the resort town with big plans to renovate. She’s sticking close so he doesn’t ruin it.

After purchasing Luck Lake, South Dakota, Pierce Westwood returns to his frequent childhood vacation spot with the plan of fixing it up—until he runs into Bethany Holland, the girl he crushed on as a kid. Only, she has no idea who he is which isn’t surprising since he wasn’t exactly Mr. Popular.

Bethany Holland expects a typical rich guy when she meets the billionaire who now own her hometown. Instead, she finds a down-to-earth guy with a killer smile. When he lets it slip that he vacationed in Luck Lake a kid, she’s shocked to find she can’t remember him.

When he asks her out on a date, she agrees… with one stipulation: he has to give her a week to figure out who he is. Will this wager lead to disappointment or will luck be on their side?

Take one hour, add a short story, and you’ve got the makings of a fun escape that ends in a satisfying happily ever after. Grab this short read now!

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